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If you are in a time of transition, loss, confusion, or are struggling with feelings of anxiety or depression, therapy can be a significantly helpful resource. Personal therapy can help you to feel supported, gain insight, and learn tools for greater well-being. It is always a sign of strength to reach out for support (although sometimes it can be hard to do). I see my role as a therapist to be one of an advocate. We will work together to develop trust and goals, and we will both be active players in your getting the results from therapy that you are looking for. This process can be incredibly fruitful, rich, and even exciting as you become more engaged in the life that you want. 



I have worked with women in a variety of contexts, from running wilderness groups for adolescent girls, to supporting young women focused on building their careers, and mothers seeking balance and stress-reduction. Women today are managing more roles simultaneously than ever before, and the stress upon us can be enormous. Often we forsake self-care in the efforts to stay active and feel productive. Many women struggle to value themselves and their automony while staying connected to their dreams and families. I work in support of each women's personal aspirations and value systems, and help cultivate tools to manage anxiety, low self esteem, and depression.


I also have experience treating female specific issues with compassion and care, including:

  • fertility and infertility

  • prenatal support

  • postpartum depression and/or anxiety

  • breastfeeding

  • sexuality and drive



Most partnerships at some point or another can benefit from third-party therapeutic support, whether in a moment of crisis, or even for basic relationship maintainance. As I often reflect to my clients, few of us have templates of healthy, lasting relationships to model ourselves after. Relationships between any two people can be complicated and confusing at best. I work with couples to build (or re-build) communication. I teach reflective listening skills which helps each member feel heard and acknowledged. Through this practice couples begin to cultivate understanding, empathy, and greater intimacy.




Adolescence can be wild and confusing period of life. In the coming of age process from child to young adult, some teens begin displaying difficult or even dangerous behaviors as an indirect expression of their needs. I work with teens dealing with issues of:

  • anger

  • eating disorders

  • substance use or abuse

  • cutting

  • depression

  • social anxiety

  • physical or sexual abuse


If your teen is expressing feelings or behaviors that you are concerned about, call me to consult about treatment. Because of the heightened need for trust and privacy with adolescents, contact with parents is generally less frequent, however you may be asked to join us occasionally for family therapy sessions. 


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