Joshua Davis, MA, AMFT, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Associate #119530

When life stressors, challenging relationships, family conflict, and symptoms like anxiety or depression show up in our lives, we may feel paralyzed on how to move forward. We may also be confused as to the origins of these painful thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Together, we will work to discover the step forward and release what no longer serves you. 

I believe the mind and body play a critical role together on the path to psychological well-being. Neuroscience, mindfulness, and somatic awareness are important considerations in my work. As a therapist, I provide client-centered, compassionate care, built on a relationship that allows my clients to be seen and heard. I work from a trauma-informed lens. My mission is to create a safe and nurturing environment for healing and discovery.

Clients are supported by a range of theoretical approaches, including psychodynamic, self-psychology, client-centered, relational, attachment-based, and CBT. Therapy is tailored to your needs and meets you where you are. After all, you are the expert of your own experience. I value the unique background you will bring to the therapy process.  Prior to my training as a psychotherapist, I worked as a performing classical musician. Creating art can be a powerful healing tool and has shown itself as a resource in my journey. I would encourage anyone to explore where they feel most creative and fulfilled.